On being a girl

Another wedding’s coming up this weekend. An overnight trip to Ipoh, with Coy, I hope. As usual, thinking of what to wear. Seeing that it’s a garden wedding, I can do without baju kurung or kebaya. And I still can fit into my only little black dress. A miracle. But maybe not.

– – –

I bought three pairs of shoes / sandals this year. That’s more than what I bought in the previous 24 months. Sure hope they’ll last for another 24.

– – –

In last week’s episode of House, Cameron looked really good in a red strapless dress. Very nice hair, good make up. Of course I noticed. I wish I could fit into one like that too. Haha. But the ultimate would be the Mrs. Smith dress. Not likely, but that’s a good dream to have.


2 thoughts on “On being a girl

  1. coy says:

    eh, don’t say i hope like i’m not sure about it yet. i’m going! i’m going! ticket balik kl dah ada! 🙂

    btw, i didn’t know it’d be a garden wedding! rugi! rugi! i didn’t bring back any dresses!

  2. norzu says:

    well, room is booked so kalau you must go with me la. 😀

    your kakaks got nice dresses wat, must be something you can wear.

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