What more can I say

Thinking for other people is very tiring. And writing for people as well. And doing both – on top of pondering too much on my own problems – this week makes me wish I can fly away for a few hours to get some cold, fresh air. Or sit on a rooftop of a tall building somewhere.

At least I don’t have to go to office and whack people on a daily basis. That’ll give me a heart attack, or at least an ulcer.

– – –

Cinta the movie is, to me, a nicely made attempt at highlighting different facets of subject. It’s not a highly intelligent film that you have to work at understanding it, but it does make you stop for a bit. Should I just let go? Is it wrong to care? Am I a bad person for wanting out? Or maybe I just think too much anyway. Haha.

Btw, Henzi in the movie used to practice aikido with me. Barrock likes him because he makes Barrock look like a 6-footer. Name dropping moment of the week.

– – –

Looking forward to a weekend with friends and lovely food (of course) and Ipoh hospitality.


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