Nama gue Jefri, orang panggil Jif

There were five of us earlier this evening, brainstorming and bouncing ideas around to get a clearer picture of how can we convey a message to the public on an intricate subject. Later, over teh o panas, the conversation shifted to writing, and the writing process.

“The writing process does not start when you are facing your machine.” When you sit with seasoned writers, you get tips like that. And anecdotes like being told to read The Wind in the Willows instead of Time magazine, when you’re supposed to be a so-called serious journalist.

It’s always about practise, innit? Of coherent thinking and transfer it out of your head onto paper (or shoot it into webspace).

– – –

Kembara Seniman Jalanan is on telly. I think it’s the first time I’m watching it. Wonder what’s happened to Pyanhabib.


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