Moving rapidly

It was public transport day for me today, after listening to RY promoting RapidKL buses from TTDI to Sentral for weeks. As the bus stop was nearby, I decided to have a go at it. Travel time to KL Sentral was 40 minutes, another 15 by LRT to Ampang Park, and a short walk to my destination. Not too bad I thought, but the trip back was longer, as it included a 20 minute wait under the sun, so it was 90 minutes instead of 70 of travel time.

What I can say from my first bus ride in almost five years is that the physical condition of buses have definitely improved and they are usually on time. However, lack of public education on changes done on bus routes and fare structures, as well as the still hazy information on where to wait for which bus can turn potential users off.

Total travel time: 1.10 + 1.45 = 2.55 hours
Total spent: RM2 (1 day pass) + RM4 for LRT on touch n go = RM6

If I’d have drove or park n ride, my travel time would be at least half of today’s, although I’d be spending about the same amount for LRT or / and parking fee, and the toll. On top of fuel cost.

However, RY pointed out that travel time can, in time, be reduced if there are less cars on the road during peak hours on weekdays. That reminded me of a scene from Singles, when the Mayor type guy told Steve “but I love my car” when Steve was pitching for a super train to be introduced in Seattle.

I told RY that it’s the same with most KL-ites who drive almost everywhere because they’d rather be in their own space, with air conditioning and ability to sing or scream on top of their lungs without others listening. Unless they’ve got the window down. Haha.


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