Be lost with me

Getting lost in an unfamiliar place can be exciting, but it would be nicer to have company.

If you’re driving, think of all the fun you can have panicking and ending up having a cuppa at the first kedai kopi you see at the side of the road, by the time which you’ll have vague bits and pieces from other customers as to where you’re suppose to go next.

Or maybe you’re walking towards a particular landmark but had to go through a maze of winding roads and turnings you thought you might as well go try on a few dresses on sale at that shop you and your friend found.

Still, it’s good to lose your bearings when you’re on your own every once in a while. You never know what or who you would find at the next corner.

Unless you’re hopeless with directions since birth that is. Then maybe you need to have GPS navigation at all times.

– – –

I do hope you’ll say yes


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