TV hour

The day started with the US president’s State of the Union address, followed by Kim Clijsters vs. Martina Hingis in the Australian Open quarter-finals.

Later, it was Rafael Nadal outclassed by Chilean Fernando Gonzales in straight sets. Superb tennis that one.

After trying to do work, reading and worrying, there was Grey’s Anatomy. I don’t know why I am not a follower of that series when I faithfully watch House every Monday. Both have beautiful people in them, and both have really, really good songs in their OSTs. Maybe Grey’s is more… painful to watch, as well as to listen to. Yeah, that should be it. The narration especially can hit too close to home sometimes.

Oh, Empire of the Sun on HBO. Saw it for the first time. How young Christian Bale is!


2 thoughts on “TV hour

  1. u know ning sang on Grey’s Anatom OST!

    malaysia boley!!!!!

  2. izzit on or in? which everlah…


    malaysia boley!!!!!!

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