Free lunch is always good lunch

It hurts to see Andy Roddick being thrashed with ruthless precision by Roger Federer. He’s just too good.

– – –

I can’t remember when was the last time I’ve worked as hard as I have in these couple of months. Maybe in my first year as a reporter.

Always staying back late; agonising over copies, which should have taken a half hour to write instead of three or dabbling with the Bloomberg machine, a wonderful discovery on my part or reading up on the next day’s early morning assignment. Those were very enlightening days. Not to mention fun.

I am enjoying myself now too, despite clients piling up work to ensure I have things to do everyday. Meetings I am not very fond of, but the challenge of coming up with intelligent and workable ideas is a stimulating, not to mention tiring, exercise.

Watching the pakciks at work is fun as well. How they use certain words and phrases while discarding others and their knack of going straight to the heart of every issue and topic. And the stories they would tell me. About old bosses, colleagues, family members and their renewed interest in playing football, well, futsal actually. At the age of 45. Hehe.

It is important to have fun at work. Slaving away doing something you hate is not healthy, IMO. Nothing is easy, but even then, to actually like what you do or maybe work in a friendly environment can help in reducing the stress. Don’t you think so?


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