I need a life, surely

When you told me of your so-called crazy idea, one scene from Cinta came to my mind. The one where Azlan took Azura out for dinner, and the strings quartet (I think) then played Belaian Jiwa. Later, I thought about another scene from the movie where Harris took his wife to another dinner only to have a shock and his life as he knew it changed for good.

Driving into town today, our conversation came back to me. Is romance all about candle light dinners, flowers and chocolates? What about sharing a hot dog at a football game? Or drying off your partner’s hair after he or she was caught in a downpour coming back from work? I don’t know lah.

Oh, but I think it’s a bad idea to give your other half a wireless keyboard for her birthday or valentines, even if you feel it would be make a great gift. Maybe a surprise at a date with no meaning whatsoever.

Maybe it’s because you caught me off guard with the topic, so it stayed in my mind, even now. It is nice to see old couples walking holding hands, and I can be moved by certain public displays of affection at times. Yet romance is a blurry notion to me, I am so not the person you should be asking about it.

I think too much, as usual. But one thing is for sure. Take me out on a sail boat, that might just work. Haha.


3 thoughts on “I need a life, surely

  1. eddycute says:

    haaa…keyboard!!! uwaaaa….

  2. lin says:

    Drying off your partners hair after a downpour..
    thats good..
    really good.

  3. sail boat is much better no engine no asap. best of all u can just jump into the water w/o cap’s permission!

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