Born to lepak, forced to work

Someone saw the slogan above on a t-shirt somewhere in Bangsar. I think I should buy maybe 10 of those, in all colours available. Then people would know who I really am – a bum trying to save the world one idiot at a time with PR strategies.

– – –

I just came back from a breakfast meeting. Work has been non-stop, and never seem to disappear. I wish it’s the same situation with money, where it just keeps piling higher. Haha.

– – –

I need a project manager, who would work for complimentary meals, a meager monetary compensation and his / her name on a Malaysian bestseller. Enquiries within.


8 thoughts on “Born to lepak, forced to work

  1. idlan says:

    i’d do it. if i was back home, that is.

  2. norzu says:

    sorry, need someone in the same time zone. 😉

  3. Dilla Zag says:

    Norzu = Norzuhairah from high school? Anda kah itu?

  4. norzu says:

    You added an additional ‘h’ at the end but yes, sayalah orang itu. Hello, Kak Dilla.

  5. hismail says:

    What sort of project?

    Sounds interesting.

  6. idlan says:

    Alah. Mana boleh time-zoneist….

  7. Dilla Zag says:

    Aahhh… I spoke to you last masa Srikandi dinner dgn Anuar Zain tu, right?

    I nak link you to my blog, okeh? I love the way you write.. Please.. (Siap bodek tu..)

  8. norzu says:

    tak payah bodek la, link jer. 😀

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