Grey Saturday

Being normal is so over rated, but sometimes that’s how I wish to be. No parental issues, no professional insecurities, no personal demons. Just me, at peace.

– – –

I woke up to the sound of rain and the colour grey. The air was cool, and it felt good to be under the covers. It was so easy to just stay there and continue to feel sorry for myself but there are work to be done, deadlines to meet. Not that I’ve achieved much after 8 hours.

– – –

Change is the only constant. I wish he didn’t, because from what I see, it has gone from bad to worse. People may see how he is ‘hip’ again, after finding a new channel for his thoughts and ideas. But they don’t know what a lousy person he is most of the time, breaking promises he never meant to keep and always thinking we’re still stupid five year-olds.

Don’t marry a politician. I sure hope not.

– – –

It’s good to hear you are slowly moving on, and about the interesting parties in the city that never sleeps, and your possible new job. I miss you people.


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