Of contradictions that are me

I sat through four hours of Japanese music last night, watching a 2006 year-end special of Music Station shown on Animax. Natsukashii, despite the fact I don’t recognise over half of the acts who performed.

How surprised I was to see all the boy bands from Johnny’s Production still around, especially SMAP, since at least half of its members are over 33. Shows how out of touch I am with the J-Pop music scene.

GLAY was there! And Mr. Children! And Bz! And Dreams Come True performed the song above. It was the first time I listened to the song. ちょっとドキッときたね、歌詞を聞くと。 With Yoshida Miwa’s voice, quite a combination, as always. Which reminded me that Zainal Alam now has my copy of the single Love Love Love, complete with my version of its lyrics in English.

That’s a mushy love song for your mix tape collection, ok.

– – –

Maybe I should compromise a little more, and be like others. Instead of upgrading to another MacBook (MacBook Pros are just too blardy expensive!), maybe a Dell or something so that I can play games online with friends. And Skype. And use the voice chat facility with my IMs.

But you know, I don’t want to use a Windows-based pc, not after almost 3 years using this reliable machine. It is only now that it’s giving me problems, which is due to wear and tear, not a virus or a sudden impulse to crash or whatever.

Yes, I listen to popular music, watch American Idol a season or two, and (gasp!) maintain a blog. No harm in going with the flow once in a while. It’s just that I hate to conform. But only in the previous entry I had wished I’m more normal. What a self-indulgent post, eh.


4 thoughts on “Of contradictions that are me

  1. syachou says:

    Natsukashii deshou… wonder whateever happened to kimutaku’s marriage with .. hmm whats here name again?!, haiya, sudah tua lah

  2. norzu says:

    Kudo shizuka? hehe. I only remember the name, and that they hv a daughter.

  3. drM says:

    sudah main tag lah.. read my blog !!

  4. hyelbaine says:

    hhmm…i’ve never been a fan of J-pop but i am a fan of the Anime’s, can arr like that? I don’t like to conform to norms too but sometimes one has to bend just a little bit for a wee bit of benefits the norms enjoy 😉

    Cheers!!! 😀

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