Only the best

Hey you,

Thanks for taking time to go through my entries, despite your ‘very busy’ schedule, and for the reminder. I think I’ve read that speech a couple of times already, but it’s always good to go back to it every once a while.

What you said about settling. Maybe in another lifetime, I would be content being normal, having a rather uncomplicated private and professional lives. However, with me being me, I just had to have it the hard way. Human beings are never satisfied with what they have, and all that. Don’t forget that I think too much to be able to just accept things coming my way.

I remember you telling me “don’t settle” once before. At the time, I had resigned to the fact that I am unlikely to end up with who I want. By settling, there would be almost no expectation, just being practical. I guess I’ve grown out of that notion too, since nothing has changed much in the past 12 months, except for the amount of work I have to do everyday.

The definition of normal is very relative lah. Sometimes, you look at a photo of smiling faces, very normal-like, but each one of them can have so many skeletons in their walk-in closets it’s just sad. I’m sure you have your own too, and I wonder what can they be. Haha.

Looking forward to a kopi session soon, although now that might have to wait until you are back in town…


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