Of interesting questions

what compels you to write?

for one, i got a diary for my 12th birthday.

but lots of people write sporadically in diaries. you’ve been at it for.. 18 years now

entah la. maybe it’s because i’ve never really had a best friend and i found its easier to write then to tell stuff to people.

then the move towards blogging? because that is both writing AND telling ppl?

at first, i just thought i’d see if i can do blogs, and how long i’ll last. then i left BT so it became a place to just keep writing. then macam rasa best pulak. haha.

so on a day to day basis, what makes you write stuff in your blog? what kind of stuff moves you to jot something down, and what holds you back?

a lot of stuff holds me back. but on a daily basis, it’s mostly stuff i see, current issues. or what i talk to you. or what goes thru my mind while i drive.

it amazes me sometimes, how far my mind wanders while i’m driving, and yet i know i’m driving.

well, you’re just built like that.

i think we all are.


6 thoughts on “Of interesting questions

  1. lin says:

    I blogged because during summer holidays i get bored doing nothing at home. so i started my own blog. and i wrote.

  2. norzu says:

    lin: everyone’s got their own reason(s) why they write. the point is to keep writing.

  3. eddycute says:

    as for the driving bit, me too! but mine more on the berangan side..hahahahha

  4. pickleshane says:

    “the point is to keep writing.”

    Wow. That ought to be carved in stone.

  5. norzu says:

    eddy: you are the queen of berangan 😉

    pickleshane: maybe not, if writing is detrimental to yourself. you never know, eh.

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