No moon tonight

I usually look up to the sky and look for the moon when I’m out at night. While I was taking the garbage out just now, I looked up and could not find the moon. The sky was dark, I saw some stars but no moon.

Sometimes I wish there are less lamp posts on my road, so more stars will be visible to my rabun eyes.


3 thoughts on “No moon tonight

  1. hanny says:

    yo!!!..hehehe..aku buat jejak kasih member kelas lama… tetiba teringat kat doraemon sensei..ko ingat lagi tak?..dia dok fukuoka kan..dekat dengan tempat aku nih…anyway, nice blog!!

  2. norzu says:

    hey, hanny! ko kat hiroshima, kan? hisashiburi

  3. hanny says:

    hisashiburi..aku kat kyushu…tapi gi yamaguchi dai..ko bila nak mai nihon?

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