Sepetang di Putrajaya

“The last time you met her was when she came to interview you for the late Tan Sri’s book,” his assistant told him.

He looked at me for a while longer, but funnily I didn’t feel as intimidated as I thought I would be. After my colleague and I have taken our seats, he started spelling out what he wanted us to do.

To my own surprise, I asked him a number of questions. Trying to get more specific details, making sure I got the instructions right. The experience was.. surreal. In a nice way.

I think that would be the our longest meeting ever. The whole 20 minutes of it. I hope he’ll finish writing soon. Before something else happens to him, health wise. I would love to get a glimpse of the first draft, and a signed copy of the finished product.

– – –

I like the new federal administrative capital. However, it’s sad that its completion is not being given priority, and kelam kabut management of its commercial areas is chasing businesses out.

Still, sitting near the lake is relaxing. You just have to tune out the camera-clicking tourists and their guides.


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