The mind never stops thinking

While walking around the kampung just now:

It’s so bloody hot nowadays
Should I go left or right? Left.
Is that driver planning to reverse his car all the way to the other end of the alley?
Wah, these houses have at least 10 extra parking space on this side if they decide to have a party.
(While waving) Mafiz’s car is really cool…
The kid on the bike is on the wrong side of the road!
Advertising on school property? I hope it’s getting paid for it.
Ohh.. so that’s where the Prof lives.
I thought the scouts already left for camp this afternoon. Why are these two just going to the school, at 5.45pm?
If Jaya was still in business, I’d have stopped to get a 100Plus. Sure could use one right now.
The hill. (slowing down)
Just a little bit more.

total time: 40 minutes, but it felt so much longer in the heat.

– – –

Though its gonna hurt for now every ship must sail away

Blue Merle’s Every Ship Must Sail Away

Trust the PhD nutjob to find this sort of song.


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