I don’t think I’ve been out on a night about town since she was here. It’s always about work now. Or me taking a drive. Pathetic.

– – –

Lunch on Friday with Sara and our economist friend. That was fun, although we got ripped off for ordering warm water. RM1.30 for a glass of plain, boiled water?!? If anyone goes to DuViet in Bangsar Village, don’t ask for water, not even bottled ones. Those are RM2.80 each. That was such a bad way to end a great meal with friends.

The server claimed they have put the prices on the menu. We noticed it was not on the menu displayed outside the restaurant. If it was 50 sen a glass, maybe we wouldn’t have made a big fuss about it. But heck, the cost to them for boiled water would be what, 5 sen a glass?

– – –

I like you. A lot. The hardest five words to say to anyone. Especially you.

4 thoughts on “Snippets

  1. Sashi says:

    3 words I’m finding it hard to say:

    You’ve. Been. Tagged.

    and bila LOTR Monopoly session? 😉

  2. norzu says:

    Oii, i’ve done that one la… not doing it again. It’s here.

  3. Sashi says:

    Excellent! I’ll just assume it’s done, retroactively. Heh. 🙂

  4. daftsavant says:

    $1 for Tap Water in Restaurants

    A glass of tap water will cost $1 in some of New York’s finest restaurants including Le Bernardin and Asia de Cuba as well as in small eateries, such as the little Vesuvio bakery in SoHo. Ridiculous? Who would ever charge for tap water?

    Before you take offense to this extra charge, know that this is all for a good cause. This is a UNICEF project aimed at saving lives by providing safe drinking water to children around the world. UNICEF say that with $1, they can provide 40 litres of safe drinking water, which is enough to give one child safe drinking water for 40 days, or forty children safe drinking water for one day. With $1, they can provide 100 water purification tablets to provide clean water for children in crisis situations.


    In Malaysia, it just a plain rip-off.

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