Because staying put is not much fun anymore

I can breathe a bit now. It’s Friday evening and somehow things doesn’t seem as gloomy now when you’ve delivered what the client wanted and tomorrow is a Saturday. That translation thing can wait a few more hours.

– – –

Pawang called this afternoon, asking if I’d want to work in Japan anytime soon. Tokyo to be exact.

My friend from the UM days, Pawang is now a budding entrepreneur and has recently been given a big break by an organization that was impressed with his efforts in promoting a Malaysian business entity in Tokyo. He’s still an employee of a Japanese corporation and that is why he needs people to man the new venture.

I’m really proud of him. The last time I met him in late 2004, he was working his butts off for his company, but at the same time, always on the lookout for new opportunities. Even during university days he was coming up with all sorts of business ideas, one of them made-to-order PCs. Kinda reminds me of someone else I know.

I’ve thought about Japan. Working there I mean. I don’t know if I can handle the stress. Or rather, I don’t know if I want to handle the stress. With everything that is going on right now, I might just up and leave, or not. It is tempting, but not quite enough. At the same time, I feel a change would be good for my mind. A new adventure in a somewhat familiar city.

I bet the pakciks will miss me horribly. Heh. Now that’s a thought!


9 thoughts on “Because staying put is not much fun anymore

  1. coy says:

    nor!! u must come to tokyo!! 😀

  2. coy says:

    i’m so tempted to say something here that’d probably make people “pulaukan” me. 😛 nantilah on ym. why aren’t you online?

  3. eddycute says:

    go la…y not? give it a try. u wont be asking urself ‘what if..’ tak suka boleh balik..hee hee…

  4. syachou says:

    can pass me pawang’s contact tak? will be in tokyo next week.. 😉

  5. Lin says:

    i’m with eddy.. go, you never know. Also i can go visit .. hehe

  6. K.Umie says:

    Nor!howdy do?long time no see…mai la tokyo!hisashiburini met coy & imran yesterday..eddy!is dat u?????

  7. idlan says:

    Jom Kak Lin we go visit Kak Nor in Japan. I start saving up dari sekarang..

  8. dillazag says:

    Yup yup… Do go.. I can go visit you later too.. heh heh heh (Muat ke ramai-ramai nak pergi ni?)

  9. norzu says:

    Pegi je, tak payah tunggu I ada sana. Hehe.

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