Bahagian pertama

Too hot. Got headache. Work is still not done. I hate the day after.

– – –

The cast of The Last Minute Tourists:


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5 thoughts on “Bahagian pertama

  1. Nora Bones says:

    ko cute bangat lah dalam gambar kat dalam blog adik kau.Cam aomori ringgo..cute bangettt…

  2. norzu says:

    aomori ringo?!?!?! aisey mannn..

  3. Bahagian kedua

    We didn’t plan much, just noting some places of interest and makan opportunities. I must say the local fare I sampled were just so-so. The soup for the chicken rice was bland and the soto ayam sweet. But I rarely leave food unfinished, hehe.

  4. Halwafy says:

    Weh…comelnya you guys..miss pulak nak jumpa…:)

  5. norzu says:

    Kami memang comel. Hehe

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