Solar power

Lama mana lagi
Hendak ku turutkan
Kata telunjuk yang menuding kepalaku
Sabar apa lagi
Hendak ku turutkan
Hingga aku bernafas bagai dalam lumpur

Awie’s Bernafas Dalam Lumpur

Heard the song on the way to Keramat earlier. Can’t help it la, I was a teenager during the 90’s. Hehe.

– – –

My country so hot, you know!

Literally. I can’t go out without feeling like a melting candle these days. And then end up having migraines if I was too long being outdoors. At home, I can sit still for five minutes and have my shirt soaked with perspiration.

Global warming is no joke. It’s not just America’s or Europe’s problem.

People may think the experts are trying to scare everyone into recycling. It’s more than that. And I don’t even know where to start. If jet fuel is bad for the environment, would anyone want to take a sailboat anywhere? The ones actually using wind power I mean.

But then, they say it IS almost the end of the world…


6 thoughts on “Solar power

  1. iJun says:

    aiyoyo so hot ah? how am i supposed to go back? i got no hair to protect me from the sun!!

    what’s awie up to nowadays? i heard he’s into bodybuilding or something.

  2. norzu says:

    you wear your hat all the time when you’re out, and don’t forget the sunblock. πŸ˜‰

    pasal awie tu saya tak tau. google knows more about him lah.

  3. rocky's bru says:

    people pay a lot of money to sit in a pool of their own sweat in a sauna so they can lose weight. here we sweat like crazy and still don’t lose an ounce. it’s the bad air that we breathe. it’s got some to do with global warming and pollution but i think it is truer that we are cursed. that is why i would suggest that if you do get rich tomorrow, don’t buy that bmw or that sail boat. put a down for a nice little house in the mountains of Switzerland. i hear you can drink straight from the river there. or buy a ranch in Perth where the quality of life is a lot higher.

  4. My country so hot, you know! – royalty saya berapa banyak eh? ……… hahahahha

  5. norzu says:

    rocky: thank you for the advice, although i don’t think i’ll be rich anytime soon. πŸ™‚

    king: mau royalty ka? lain kali kira, ok

  6. iJun says:

    i wear my hat to keep more from the cold! can you wear sunblock on your scalp? nanti tolong letakkan eh πŸ˜‰

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