I like? Mondays

Monday is very good when football results are favourable to my team and no one bugging me for stuff, which I have no clue about, every other hour.

It is also good when you get work done by 6pm, and meetings are kept under an hour, accompanied by a simple meal and teh o panas. You get home, well in time for Monday night TV at 10pm. Once in a while, life can be good like that. Just remember to stay away from stupid people.

– – –

I saw Zui hao de shi guang aka Three Times on Sunday afternoon. Literally, three stories told in one movie. I love the first bit best, where the search for that girl ended on a rainy evening, with them holding hands.

The second story was a sad one, while I missed the ending of the last story hanging out my clothes to dry. The last one was set in this century but I liked it the least. Maybe it was too realistic. Maybe it was too murky grey.

The movie was superb in the way that it showed how communication is not just about talking. And how love between two people can work without so many words. Idealistic, I know.


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