Worst travel time. Ever

1. The 11am train from New York Penn Station stopped after less than 2 hours, due to some electrical difficulties, for about 20 minutes. It slowed down again a few hours later and came into Boston Back Bay Station 40 minutes late. As I got out of the station, it rained. Hard.

2. At Boston Logan Airport, the American Airlines personnel failed to notify me of the delayed flight when I checked in my luggage. I only noticed it an hour before I was supposed to board. It was re-timed AGAIN as I began to panic about whether I would be able to catch my connecting flight from LA. I felt like I was being punished for something I did. That really sucked.

“No one can control the weather, Maam,” said the AA lady at the boarding gate. Sial je.

3. At LAX, arrived at Malaysia Airlines check-in counter about an hour before the flight, only to see a long queue. “Saved,” I thought. 18 hours I had at least able to contemplate on recent events and preparing to go back to reality.

4. At KLIA baggage carousel F, I waited and waited for my one luggage in vain. Stupid, stupid, stupid. I want my books!

So I’m back home, with a HUGE jerawat on my face and no luggage. Michael Buble’s and Daughtry’s two different songs played non-stop since NY Penn, when the sentiment was very the opposite…

An acoustic version from Daughtry.


One thought on “Worst travel time. Ever

  1. anasalwa says:

    I’m glad you’re home safe and sound. Hope you’ll get enough rest. Thanks again for the a beautiful batik.

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