A great minute, while it lasted

In a New York Minute
Everything can change
In a New York Minute
Things can get pretty strange

EAGLES – New York Minute

– – –

The last time I was in that city, I was mostly on the west side of Manhattan, sticking to famous tourist spots and holding my (loaned) guide books very close to me. This time, I explored the east side more, without a guide book, but an actual guide was available (when he wasn’t LLB-ing at the office). Very useful that, as he got me access to certain restricted areas in the UN, took care of the heavy stuff and cooked, even when he got sick! That’s top-notch service for you.

For 5 whole days I walked and walked and walked around New York. Took the subway a few times, and a yellow cab once.

Les Halles
Les Halles, where Tony Bourdain is the executive chef. It’s very near the famous Curry In A Hurry. Pix by Mr. Everyday-is-a-Sunday.

Brooklyn Bridge revisited. This time with interesting company.

Wall St. Bull
The Bull on Wall St. From the back.

Grandma @ Central Park
A very fit Grandma. She was doing ice skating moves like a 15-year old and I have back aches.

Apple in NY
Geek central. Couldn’t bear to stay long there. Sungguh jeless.

Kid @ Planetarium
At the Planetarium, near Central Park. An almost perfect Sunday, if not for me failing to do a simple math problem.

bagel coffee
Bagel + cream cheese + coffee = BLISS. I think I read that somewhere. 🙂


3 thoughts on “A great minute, while it lasted

  1. considering the pix… x laa worst sgt!

  2. norzu says:

    i said the travel time from NY to KL yang teruk waaat…

  3. Saras says:

    The Bull Pix From The Back Is Cool. The Next Time (When & If It Happens) The Wall Street Tumbles…The Media Should Show The Bull From This Angle ;0)

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