I [heart] NYC

It was sad to leave the happening city, where NYPD and FDNY sirens can blare even at 3am and you can’t shut them up. Where pushcarts need to make at least 300 bucks a day to be able to afford renewing their licences for the next year. Where at almost every corner there will be a Chinese food joint, a pizza parlour and a grocery store. Where I did some growing up.

New York in late spring is the best time to visit. Unless you have really thick skin and love being wet, cold and miserable. Or maybe it’s just me.

Chrysler GAssembly Grand Central midtown comics Planetarium Empire state

– – –

In the bigger picture, nothing is random (to quote Idlan). That is what I believe and that is why I am ok with things as they are. Thanks for worrying, but I don’t need plans A, B, C or D. Heh. You guys are way advanced than I am anyway.


One thought on “I [heart] NYC

  1. Idlan says:

    In the bigger picture.. nothing is random, eh? That sounds familiar hahahaa

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