Mr. Cooper’s book

Two Sundays ago, I had planned to watch United lift the league trophy, and maybe a bit of the match before that. So Mr. Everyday-is-a-Sunday and I went for breakfast first, and then made our way to Barnes & Noble at the Citigroup Center.

I found Jon Stewart’s Naked Pictures of Famous People, first published in 1998. Of course I bought it lah, but that’s a story for another time. I got the latest New Yorker for RY and also Anderson Cooper’s Dispatches from the Edge: A Memoir of War, Disasters and Survival, in paperback. Happy with my purchase, we headed to our next destination.

To make a long story short, I thought the United game would start at 11am when it was at 10am. When we got to the pub, the lady at the bar told us the game and trophy presentation had just ended and my team lost 1-0 to West Ham. !!!! To say that I was furious with myself is an understatement. My host couldn’t understand how one football game can have that kind of affect on me. No use explaining.

It took me a couple of hours to somewhat get over it, couldn’t be moody when the sun was out and I was in Manhattan of all places, kan.

So after Manchester Pub, we made our way to Central Park. Stopped at a flea market at a nearby school, where you can find old typewriter keys being turned into cufflinks, buttons and other stuff. Inside the school hall, I found the same Anderson Cooper book, but hardcover, being sold at $5! Of course I took it. As I hand it over to one of the two old pakciks who were manning the stall, he said that he loves the CNN anchor.

“I hate the guy, he never came out properly,” the other pakcik said. I had a feeling they’re an old gay couple. Lawak.

So I had two books of the same title and on the way back, returned the paperback. I finished the book a couple of days ago. An easy read, although the stories were serious stuff. I like his writing style, not as dry as a news item but concise and yet deep enough to make you feel and understand what he’s tying to put across.

Yesterday morning, I caught AC360 on CNN and there was a special segment which featured excerpts from the book. And get this: the paperback edition had a new chapter! Hmmphh.


3 thoughts on “Mr. Cooper’s book

  1. coy says:

    i thought i read an excerpt from his book on your blog, that’s why i bought it… paperback edition but with LARGE PRINT so not the one with the new chapter lah… 😛

  2. eddycute says:

    hhahahahah…sorry, i cant help but laugh.

  3. norzu says:

    oii, gelakkan sapa tu wei?

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