Another Iris moment


On my first night in the happening city, I had seen the flowers at a nearby shop on the way back from dinner. My personal spring flower. It was a nice start to my week-long vacation.

Then came my last full day in Manhattan. Got tickets to watch the awesome Liev Shreiber in Talk Radio that night (way better than catching a musical, I tell you!), almost ended up in Chelsea but didn’t. Got my train ticket out of New York for the next day and sent postcards at the James A. Farley building across from Penn Station and the Garden. The building was covered almost entirely with some kind of protective covering. It turns out that half of the building will be converted into a new Penn Station.

As I walked back to the east side, I saw buckets of irises and other flowers lined up the side of a grocery shop somewhere between 32nd and 37th. Bought a bouquet for myself. Beautiful. Mr. Everyday-is-a-Sunday thought so too. The flowers I mean. He got a vase from the front desk. Very nice.


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