Of doing the sensible thing

Drifting like a log in the river is not too bad. After the book project, I’ve been drifting without a specific destination and was told TWICE last week that I should stop. I hate being an adult sometimes.

There are optimistic people and then there’s me. If you insist on me going right, I might just go left, just because. I can’t get excited about doing a sales pitch for the simple reason I hate doing sales, and I know I suck at it.

I know I should stop following where the current is taking me and take stock of things, see where I really want to go. I do have stuff I want to do but there are still some issues to be sorted out. Mainly getting people to provide the dough. Heh.

As usual, dreaming of going away is fun. The Nile is a freaking ocean, right.

So I need to think. Of what to do, career-wise. Not that I actually have one now.


2 thoughts on “Of doing the sensible thing

  1. azad says:

    Try these:
    1. Pray immediately after masuk waktu; try to be as kusyuk as possible – learn the ways to kusyuk from Kitab Ihya Ulumiddin from Imam Ghazali;
    2. Amalkan ayat Seribu Dinar, at least after every prayer;
    3. Amalkan surah Al-Waqiah.
    4. Ask whatever you want during all your sujud in your solat… don’t wait until the end after the solat.

    Insya Allah, in time Allah will bless you with wealth and prosperity in your life. Trust me, it works.

  2. norzu says:

    Thanks, Azad. We usually know what to do but to get around doing it is another thing and needs to be reminded every once in a while.

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