Talk TV

I just read that Michael Parkinson is ending his talk show this autumn.

The show used to be aired on Astro ch.70 on weekends, one of the better ones in my opinion. Larry King is overrated, too fascinated with glamer murahan. Heh. He’s talking to Ms. Hilton today, the first to interview her after her (very short) stint in jail. And the coverage he did on Anna Nicole Smith… endless.

Nowadays, I sometimes catch the Ellen Show in the afternoons. I had seen a few when I was in the States last month, including one shot right in Central Park. It seems that a lot of people love to see her dance. I think the DJ is really cute. 🙂

– – –

When the kimster posted a notice about A. Samad Said’s exhibition at the Galeri Petronas, I didn’t expect to see sketches on napkins (the actual ones!) to be on display. I was quite blown away by that. And to see his writing process on a few manuscripts, it was just… wow. You see how much effort was put in producing each manuscript, from start to finish, with many, many re-writes in between.

Some people don’t need a Moleskine to do the deed. Do check it out.

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