Going ga ga over machines

I know a little bit about cars, just don’t ask me too specific questions. I can appreciate the smooth humming of a well-oiled engine but not the exhaust the size of two human-sized heads and to me, a cool car is not about shiny metallic paint or 22″ rims. Like Sam Witwicky’s 1974 Camaro. Hehe.

Almost didn’t remember it was opening day of the film when I got to the mall. But I did and thought I’d catch the next show. Even watching Spiderman 3 in NYC can’t beat this one. No silly dancing to make girlfriend jealous or conflicts within, just pure action and a bit of comic relief in scenes you weren’t expecting any.

To hear the voice of Optimus Prime like in the cartoons was just. too. cool. But Hugo Weaving as the voice of Megatron didn’t get enough screen time lah.

I’d definitely watch it again. Soon.


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