Dancing the night away

It took us almost one and a half hour to get into our outfits. I had wanted to wear the yukata Mariko-san gave me but in the end decided on the blue one. I did use the red obi she gave me. That took at least 15 minutes to put on and tie.

My camera’s battery died just as the first dance session ended. Luckily PK and Cin are the photo-taking types. They were particularly interested in the japanese kids last night, among others.


2 thoughts on “Dancing the night away

  1. Mariko Muto says:

    Bon Odori in KL!!! Oh my old red obi!! I’m happy to see you wear it. In Japan Bon Odori season will come in a month. Fireworks will start shortly here and there.

  2. norzu says:

    Mariko-san: I didn’t stay until the end, not sure if there were fireworks.

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