You manage people, right?

I find many things offensive – stupid people, maniac drivers, chronic tardiness and tactless politicians to name a few. Note how most are human nature, or rather, human behaviour.

Today, I was offended when a friend asked whether someone I had recommended for a job can be trusted not to sell his manuscript to the highest bidder. I can understand how some industries are sensitive about competition. However, it was the way he posed the question that got me riled up.

It is one thing to protect your intellectual property, but to be tactless in the process is, to me, an insult. I told him off, of course, he’s my friend. I don’t know if he got the point, though.

Maybe I saw something that wasn’t there, extra sensitive to skepticism if you like. Still, I think he could’ve done a better way to seek reassurance than by sounding like a rascist.

I’m usually reluctant when people asks to refer someone for jobs. Either party may end up dissatisfied and then blame me for bad service rendered or lousy treatment by the client. But sometimes you can feel there’s a good match to be made, you know?

Being fussy and careful is not wrong. Just please don’t knowingly insult people’s intelligence in the process.


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