I still don’t have a reason, you don’t have the time

Sara said that the latest Harry Potter book would’ve been better off without the epilogue. After a second reading, I agree with her. A clean cut ending for a well-written final chapter of the series.

– – –

The New York Times had an interesting piece about chief executives of successful companies and their collection of books. Photos of books on shelves and coffee tables in the article reminded me of Maria Samad’s living room. Maybe someday I’ll have a room like that at my own place.

– – –

Watching this got me to thinking if it’s actually doable here. Maybe not in KL, where people can afford a RM100 children’s book for their kids, but outside the urban centres. Like Guchil in Kuala Kerai or Lumut. Something worth looking into?


2 thoughts on “I still don’t have a reason, you don’t have the time

  1. anasalwa says:

    It would be wonderful if local women groups, local mosques, churches or temples collect the books or people drop the books to their fav charity groups once a month. The books will be distributed to hard to reach schools.

  2. norzu says:

    that would be a start, ana, thanks for the idea.

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