It’s Monday again

Woke up to the sound prayer calls from two nearby mosques, a text message and the alarm. Then came the strong wind and heavy rain. Wished I could sleep the day away, but there is a deadline to meet and I’m no where near completion

– – –

Messer and Munroe, in the courtroom. I love that ending. Who says the CSI series is just about solving crime puzzles?

– – –

Iraq, a country in turmoil, won the AFC Asian Cup. Malaysia – peaceful, equipped with world class facilities and one of the hosts – bowed out in spectacularly humiliating fashion. I was really glad Wan Azlan and Nicol David won their titles the other day.

– – –

Bloggers have been in the news a lot lately. I wonder why many people are so afraid. The mainstream media has a wider reach. The most popular of local blogs do not get 500,000 hits a day (or do they?). By attacking the blogs, you’ll just bring more people to the internet and check out what is the big fuss all about. Think lah, before you do things like that.


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