In my selebet attire

“Excuse me, do you go to Harvard?”

“Err.. no, I was just there visiting last May.”

The guy was wearing a similar t-shirt as me. If I have a Masters in BS (like some people), I would’ve said yes and make up a story. But it felt nice to know that I can still pass as a college kid. Heh.


6 thoughts on “In my selebet attire

  1. Dark Lord says:

    Masters in BS?

    BS == Bull Sh*t ke? Hehe.

    p/s: I thought you just turned seventeen this year?

  2. norzu says:

    I AM seventeen. hehe.

  3. Mal says:

    you were wearing a guy’s t shirt????

  4. norzu says:

    Mal: normal t-shirt la. and since I don’t even know the guy, I can’t be wearing his, right.

  5. tony g says:

    I wonder if you will be asked the same question if you wear a UM t-shirt.

  6. norzu says:

    tony: UM got t-shirt like that ke? the plain ones with the uni’s name across the chest. I don’t mind having one actually. 🙂

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