Go Tunas!

I saw the news about the Tall Ships’ Races 2007 on tv a couple of nights ago. Was trying to see the progress when I found this picture at Sail Training International:

At the starting line
Can you see the flag?

Kapal Layar Diraja Tunas Samudera is taking part in Race 2 of the event, from Stockholm to Szczecin and as at 1600 yesterday (I’m not sure if it’s GMT or local time), Tunas is 12th in its Class and 32 overall out of 82 vessels.

Tunas (second from right) leaving Stockholm


3 thoughts on “Go Tunas!

  1. eddycute says:

    aaahhh…memories. tunas looks small compared to the others. i miss sailing. time to go sailing again. now definitely i have more than enough weight for laser ke apa..hahhahahah….

  2. my boat yang ada engine pon x ley jalan!!!!

  3. norzu says:

    yes, eddy, we have more than enough weight. hehe.

    king: boat awak tak ada ‘ong’ lah, angin tolak pun tak jalan. 😛

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