All cried out

My machine’s monitor now needs to be propped up as both of its support are not functioning anymore. The left one failed first, late last week. Somehow something was out of place and earlier today, the socket(?) of the right one sort of snapped. I could still close down the monitor but you can see at the back of the laptop that something’s not quite right. *sigh* It’s another week or so before the new machine arrives.

Wonky wrist, koyak machine. Sad lah. I cried when I heard the monitor support sort of snapped.

– – –

I experienced rudeness twice this weeks, both times by the same people. On Monday, two people conveniently ignored to inform that they were unable to attend an appointment I had set up for them and I only found out AN HOUR before the appointment. This was after one of them had sent a message TWICE saying he had receive my reminder. Unbelievable! When I asked if he will attend, he gave a long-winded answer which effectively said the two are out, it’ll just be the manager from their side.

In the end, I guess it was better they weren’t there, the meeting went much easier without having to listen to wayang kulit all through lunch.

Today, after the two had already re-scheduled a meeting, they asked if we can postpone it to next week, and the message came two hours prior to the agreed time. Some piece of work they are.


4 thoughts on “All cried out

  1. coy says:

    dia punya hinge pecah ke? i thought only hp machines yg buat hal camni… 😛

  2. coy says:

    sorry, bukan nak gelak tapi : + P jadi smiley…

  3. norzu says:

    mcm pecah, tak reti nak explain. laptop dah tua. sedih betul.

  4. anasalwa says:

    That was a very unprofessional act when they did it twice to you. I guess they didn’t realize they were digging their own pits.
    How is your machine doin’?

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