What’s your comment?

A free invite from Cin (who is still in PD right now) to Tunku – The Musical yesterday evening.

Tony Eusoff and Douglas Lim were the main players and I think they were very good, especially since I didn’t know Tony can even sing, let alone sing well.

Although the show was about the newly-independent Malaya and the events which lead to May 13 1969, I feel it was also a tribute to hacks. I mean, why have one of the main character as a nosy and cynical reporter then? Maybe that was why Celcom invited the press to watch it last night. Heh.

Too bad I wasn’t feeling very well during the show. A combination of little sleep, a sudden wake up call and hot weather made for a lethal migraine attack. Had prayed I could hold up until I got home but only made it a few metres out of the parking lot. Poor Ms. Leena had to endure the ride back with the windows open and loud music to keep our minds off the… orange juice.

– – –

Addis Ababa, Abu Dhabi, Etihad. Exotic names, places. Delhi, Agra, Utar Pradesh, two more weeks to go.


4 thoughts on “What’s your comment?

  1. coy says:

    Norzu, u going to Ethiopia ke?

  2. norzu says:

    tak, orang lain punya travel plans..

  3. hello .. can’t seem to find your email address. need to ask a few things lah… wats your email ya?

  4. norzu says:

    all jazzed up: I mailed to your yahoo dah.

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