Idiot at work 2007

Aku ni kan, kalau tak nampak mamat ni tak boleh ke? Setahun sekali mesti ada je la muka dia kat memana.


I was on my way out, he was from the opposite direction.

Hey, I met your dad last night, he’s in the backbenchers’ club, right?

No. (Continue towards exit)

Really? I guess he was a special guest then. (At exit, still carrying on)

Right. (Keep on walking, cue for you to get lost)

You’re working hard I see. Kumpul duit nak kawin ke?

Ya. (Another cue)

You know, my sister is moving out, are you interested to buy a house? It’s in Ampang.

Unbelievable isn’t it?


I was trying to promote a Japanese food product to someone when suddenly…

“Oh.. she speaks Japanese very well” The annoying face was smug, he looked like he just did me a huge favour.

WTF?!? I felt like giving him a punch.


6 thoughts on “Idiot at work 2007

  1. coy says:

    next time just give him a punch! or like my sis pj said (kes lain) “terajang dia masuk tong sampah, then seal the lid!” 😛

  2. kudo says:

    langgar je dgn kereta.

  3. norzu says:

    i’ll take your suggestions into consideration. hehe.

  4. eddycute says:

    is he trying to hit on u??

  5. anasalwa says:

    You’re cracking me up. I guess it happens to us sometimes when the person we try to avoid doesn’t get a message that we’re not interested to talk to them. Next time look directly at him and say this in your head:
    “Chis bedebah kau. Get away from me.”

  6. norzu says:

    ana: i’ve said it (some versions of it) many times dah.. maybe it’s time i say it out loud.

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