It’s Ole Gunnar, please

Ole Gunnar Solskjaer

First, I saw this article, then this news.

So the Super Sub striker is retiring. That’s a sad piece of news, and what a bad time to have him leave, seeing the team is without an out-and-out striker right now.

Solskjaer came into the team after Euro 96. I saw him play in the summer of 97 at Urawa Reds’ home ground in Saitama. Had a photo of him and Scholes at close range going into the changing room at half time. I think he was here when United came the first time around.

The 1999 Champions League. I guess most people would remember him for THAT game. I was in front of the PC in the small hours, barely awake to check on ‘real time’ updates, only to fall asleep when the second half started. At the time, international football coverage in Japan was almost non-existent unless you have cable and dial-up was the next best thing. Emails and letters from friends in England brought more news (including paper cuttings!) about that night. Feels like a lifetime ago.

In the video in the first link, he said he plans to go into coaching. Hope to see him again soon.


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