Waking up in September

The long weekend just flew by. It has been one event after another this past 2-3 of weeks, and I haven’t had time to truly catch my breath. I’m resisting the temptation to just sleep for a week, instead of risking my stomach and the rest of my senses to be assaulted by all kinds of extremeties in a foreign land. Sleep can wait a while longer.

– – –

Family milestones. Another one notched yesterday, in a very selamba way. I supposed I’m booked for basuh pinggan duties next August. Hopefully the theme colour won’t be PINK. Seriously.

– – –

I forgot the duct tape. Was told I should have one roll in my bag whenever I’m travelling. Leave or bring the tripod? (Ed: Macam la kamera canggih sangat)

One worrying propect: The weather!


5 thoughts on “Waking up in September

  1. Dark Lord says:

    why the need for duct tape sensei?

  2. Where are you off to?

    Lots of uses for duct tape too!

  3. hyelbaine says:

    hhmm..duck tape would be an essential item and the tripod is a must! 😉

    Cheers!!! 😀

  4. anasalwa says:

    Carry duct tape? Did McGyver tell you that? :))
    The theme color is PINK? Seriously.

  5. norzu says:

    dark lord: dunno actually, but was told that a roll of duct tape is handy to have when travelling. nak tampal beg koyak ke kan.

    all jazzed up: saya pergi india.

    hyelbaine: long time no hear! and i did bring tripod, tapi guna sekali je.

    ana: it wasn’t mcgyver, hehe. and the theme colour is not decided yet so hopefully the ppl involved will decide on something else.

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