Selected amnesia can be annoying, ya

September 11 is here again, the 6th after the attacks on US soil. The aftermath of that fateful day lead to more unrests worldwide, all shown in technicolour for families to watch while enjoying their lunch or dinner.

This year, the date has turned to be a day for people to do something good.

The heroic acts of all those killed trying to save others that September morning has spawned a growing grass-roots movement. The goal is to ensure that future generations remember not just the horror of the attacks, but also the extraordinary outpouring of humanity during the days, weeks, and months that followed.

“It was the worst possible day imaginable, and in some ways, a remarkable day, too, in the way in which people responded,” says David Paine, cofounder of “We need to rekindle the way we came together in the spirit of 9/11: It would be almost as much a tragedy to lose that lesson.”

The move, and others similar to it, should be appaluded. However, we should remember that as with other disasters – natural or man-made – it is hard for those affected to carry on with life as before and 9/11 is no exception. I found this link about a project by Allan Tannenbaum called 9/11: Still Killing.

It is sad to see how volunteers, police officers, fire fighters and even former residents of lower Manhattan are suffering from illnesses related to the disaster, and their plights are being ignored as the ashes have cleared and debris disposed of. It is like Katrina, the Tsunami tragedy, and, closer to home, the aftermath of the massive flooding in Johor end of last year.

And then there are the politicians and policy makers.

From AP:

Maj. Gen. Robert Cone told some 100 U.S. soldiers that there is “no alternative” to victory over terrorism.

“We are here now six years later, not as a conquering force, not as an invader seeking to vanquish the Afghans, but rather to do what is right — to seek out and destroy our common enemy,” Cone said. “As allies, we will train and equip the Afghans. We will help them to provide for their people because we are Americans.”

Stephen Harper became the first Canadian prime minister to address Australia’s parliament in its 106-year history.

“As 9/11 showed, if we abandon our fellow human beings to lives of poverty, brutality and ignorance in today’s global village, their misery will eventually and inevitably become our own,” Harper told a special joint sitting of the House of Representatives and Senate.

Being tactful is not high on anyone’s priority, is it?

– – –

How can nerdy series like CSI:NY and Numb3rs induce tears? They did, and I am still baffled.

– – –

Have a good Ramadhan.

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