Tag business

via Coy.

5 things in my bag

– Notebook for work
– Pens
– Credit card statement
– Business card holder
– Office keys

5 things that are in my wallet

– Money
– Cards
– Receipts
– ID
– ticket stubs from everywhere

5 favourite things in my bedroom

– the wall opposite my bed, where I stick postcards, photos and other stuff
– my books
– my rings

Can’t think of anything else because they’re still in boxes

5 things I wish to do

– Meet Batman, Superman and Spiderman
– Live in Gotham City
– Meet Giggsy
– Go to a World Cup match
– Hold hands with…

5 things that i am doing now

– typing this entry
– chatting
– sitting on bed
– send email
– trying to dodge the sun

5 people i would like to tag
It’s the guys’ turn

Doc Mafeitz
The King


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