Ujian datang dalam pelbagai bentuk dan rupa

I snapped at a woman just now. Her mistake was to park her car at the back of mine, blocking me from driving off from the pasar. And I had to wait for 15 minutes before she showed up. I didn’t mean to yell, but I did. She looked like a decent sort, not a samseng driver but her car did have scratches and dents which told me she can be one.

How do you tell people off for doing things like that? During Ramadhan summore. I guess me snapping at the rude driver (yes, I told her she was rude) was the result of suppressing all the frustrations of the past two weeks. That and the headache I’ve had since morning.

Why oh why can’t people be more considerate when on the road?


One thought on “Ujian datang dalam pelbagai bentuk dan rupa

  1. coy says:

    kalau ikut style jepun call jek polis! we actually had a neighbour parked his car in our parking space by mistake last weekend and our oyatouban wanted to call the police! 😛

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