These faces and places

At my first iftar gathering this year, a guy showed up at least an hour late but people were shouting his name and went to say hi. Syed told me he was a very notorious sempai while in Japan. “Tak ada benda jahat yang dia tak buat.” Word has it that he even attempted to set fire to his dormitory once.

From his face, I would never have thought he was a troublemaker. He looked decent enough. Now working with a Japanese car company, it seems that he and his fellow budak-budak jahat have turned a good leaf after getting married and settled down. Women. What men would do without us, eh.

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depressed people

Don’t be depressed. Postsecret kan ada.


2 thoughts on “These faces and places

  1. mz ayam says:

    hello. your sempai reminds me of someone i know; he studied in jpn and is working for a japanese car company too.


  2. norzu says:

    mz ayam: go ask him, you never know. hehe.

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