Mel kelas satu

I came across this and this today, both talking about emails and the human factor.

In this “wired” world we live in email is such a convenient communication tool (after text messaging IMHO). Of course, it has been said time and again that it does not compensate visual and audio contact and can even cause rifts between parties. I guess the trick is not to rely too much on email and alternate with a call or a meeting. Or a kopi / teh session.

– – –

One of the postcards I sent from India had finally arrived to its destination. After a month! Naik tongkang agaknya. There are four more out there, I wonder if they’d ever get to their recipients.

– – –

Florida, Las Vegas, San Francisco… nanti la satu hari saya suruh Peter Petrelli bawak saya terbang pegi sana.


5 thoughts on “Mel kelas satu

  1. little kepochi says:

    what’s with Florida, Las Vegas, San Francisco?

  2. anasalwa says:

    That’s the reason they are called SnailMails.
    Salam Hari Lebaran.

  3. nuraina says:


    Selamat Hari Raya Aidilfitri

    Hope you have a wonderful, glorious and blessed Eid!

    Salam to all.

    Take care

  4. Nor WIMH,

    Salam Aidil Fitri to you and all your blog readers

  5. norzu says:

    thank you ana, kak ena, big dog

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