Tiffin Tuesday

At my first Raya do (outside the family that is) this year, there was a piano player serenading other guests with an impromptu half-hour performance. Old Boss even chipped in with a bit of My Way. The youngest person there was next, playing bits of the Star Wars theme, among others. You get Dad to download the whole song, ok.

– – –

Scars are souvenirs you never lose, wrote John Rzeznik. Especially the invisible ones I guess. Those are really hard to get rid off, all buried beneath layers of skin and bones, they become part of your armour. Part of you.

– – –

I still feel I am very average, but with quite a number of weird, remarkable and ‘happening’ friends.


2 thoughts on “Tiffin Tuesday

  1. elviza says:


    Hi, I finally found your link. Anyway, just to tell you that Kak Ton has a blog. Click on http://www.mariasamad.blogspot.com

  2. norzu says:

    The Gutsy Grandma is finally out! 🙂

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