Life is more than who we are

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During the Eid holiday, my mum had spent more time following the progress of our Angkasawan than I did. In spite of getting regular updates by Mr. Everyday-is-a-Sunday who was in Florida (who I guess spammed at least ten other people with the same text messages), I wasn’t glued to the telly as much as mum did.

Earlier this evening, mum had grabbed the remote to switch to the national news channel in time to see a visual of Dr. Sheikh’s father, looking distraught. His younger son had passed, after being in a coma for a week.

I can’t imagine how the family is coping. From sky-high euphoria to gut wrenching low sadness in just seven days. My condolences to them.

– – –

The full moon was clearly visible in Cape Town and San Francisco a couple of nights ago. In KL, it’s only tonight that the moon can be seen in all its beauty.


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