Wanna know what is real

I wonder how it feels to know that you have found the person you want to spend your life with…wonder if I will ever feel it.

That was from a guy who is always acting tough in front of people. We were talking about a younger friend who is getting married this weekend. She couldn’t even apply for a credit card when she started working in BT. That was seven years ago. She’s all grown up now, and about to be someone’s wife.

How time flies.

I wonder too, about how things work out between people that they end up having a life together, and making it work everyday. I was told that you have to put effort in it each day. Like most things in life I guess. But I also see failures, and more people are heart broken and jaded everyday.

Hope. It seems like not much of it is going around these days.

– – –

I’m not waiting, not pining away for anyone. I just want my heart back.


4 thoughts on “Wanna know what is real

  1. Mariko Muto says:

    To get married is not “they end up having a life together,” but “start having a life together” Marriage is not a goal. It is the life that you make with somebody else who you guess, might be a good cooperator. It is a challenging job, isn’t it?


  2. norzu says:

    Marikoさん: I think your take is a much nicer way to look at it. 結婚してから新しい冒険の始まりですね。

  3. sara says:

    to quote marge simpson, marriage is a constant battle for moral superiority. and an almost absolute ownership of the other half. because once you are bound by it, you can’t s*%$ without weighing your spouse’s thoughts and feelings. say goodbye to independence and individualism 🙂 that is the truth, and i’m not being bitter!

  4. norzu says:

    sara: i know you’re not bitter. you’re enjoying it too much. hee hee.

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