Call the Police was not in the setlist

Live n Loud KL, Acoustic – Nov. 29 2007, KL Convention Centre

There were celebrities, a “celebrity blogger“, the mtv-type kids and us ordinary folks. I saw a famous banker-turned-businessman with his wife. Trust me to notice that kind of stuff.

– – –

pix by the king

I had called the organisers twice to ask about the seating arrangement for Acoustic night and both times they have assured me that it will be tiered seating, like in the cinemas. They lied. The chairs were as comfortable as the ones in Stadium Nasional Bukit Jalil and most of us had to rely on the two big screens propped up on each side of the stage. Unless you paid big bucks or queued up two hours early to grab the front seats lah.

Dayang Nurfaizah kicked off the show at almost 9.30pm then Rick Price took over. He sounded just like he did almost 15 years ago. I recognised just two songs out of the seven (?) in his setlist. Many were restless after song #3 and I didn’t blame them cos the songs were unfamiliar. Plus, how many 20 year-olds would know him anyway.

James Morrison, the highlight of the show, was next. It was past 11pm when he got up the stage. If you had wanted to listen to just him, you could’ve gone across town for a couple of meetings, come to KL Convex and still manage to catch his performance.

More noise this time, as the kids actually know the lines to his songs. Apart from the covers. He did Ray LaMontagne’s Hold You in My Arms, which was in The Last Kiss OST. The king and I sang along (him mostly) while Benito sat next to me trying to enjoy himself.

I was thinking of climbing up the stage to get the setlist after the show. Heh. Of course I didn’t.

The best part of the evening / morning was when we reached the carpark. The driver left the lights on and the car refused to start. “An adventure,” said Fidora. How true. I guess something is bound to happen when you’re having too much fun.

– – –

Thank you, people. You made my day.

– – –

You can stop feeling guilty now.


4 thoughts on “Call the Police was not in the setlist

  1. eddycute says:

    phuh, thank gawd my ass not so big in that pic!

  2. norzu says:

    lol. where got big one. :p

  3. Dark Lord says:

    Peh gila babs besar gambar and gila clear!!!
    *jeles/nyesal tak bawak slr*

  4. Dark Lord says:

    Actually eddy…….. nevermind 😛

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