If you just realise what I just realise

… that I actually care.

… that most people are actually alright.

… that I had wanted so much for you to be proud of me.

… that the small things matter. A lot.


One thought on “If you just realise what I just realise

  1. – that I actually don’t care much for human – they have brain, they can speak for themselves – the planet, the oceanworld and the animal kingdom, they can’t so I will speak for them. Peasants could always be replaced

    – maybe most people are actually right, but it is not their right all the time

    – I am proud of myself, it is not that important that the others are proud of me

    – small things doesn’t matter much as there are other much bigger issues – like speak for those who cannot defend themselves, who cannot speak, like the dolphins.

    ps. One day come and sail away with me on the high waves in the rain and smell the sweet smell of the salted sea breeze in your nostril and if you are lucky, you can dance with the dolphins. You don’t need your own yatch to sail … when you are rich it is a terrible boredom – wealth and tedium are great bedfellows, when one is rich there is nothing to strive for, every pleasure one desire is available.

    Look around you at the trees, the hills, the castles, the mountains, they belong to someone according to human law. Do you think that the trees, the mountains, the hills, the castles care that they belong to someone? Wealth is a small thing, tiny like a grain of sand, it seems larger only to those who does not posses it.

    Yeah! as always, my 2 cents worth of whatever people want it to be term

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